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Replacement Inserts

 !!!!! Please read description entirely!!!

We can build our case game inserts to fit your old, worn out Huffer Amusements/Manufacturing Tub games. You can buy extra game inserts for our case games or to use in your old Huffer tubs. We have some examples below of how they will look in the huffer tub. The best way to order inserts is to call in so we make sure we get you everything you need. Look over our case and golf games. We can make inserts for everything except the motorized games. !!!
These do not include a tub or case!!!
Inserts are for your existing case or tub.
The Brothers Grimm Games & Aquaventronics are in no way affiliated with Huffer Amusements/Manufacturing nor do we intend to imply that. The name Huffer Amusements is used for reference only.